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“Texas Falls” – Hancock, VT
“Standing Stones of Stennes” – Stennes, Scotland
“Milky Way Arch” – Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
 “Underhill Brook” – Underhill, VT
“Berkson’s Farm” – Franklin, VT
“Birdhouses” – South Hero, VT
“The Three Gossips” - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
“Grist Mill Bridge” – Cambridge, VT
“Brewster River” – Cambridge, VT
“Edinburgh Castle” – Edinburgh, Scotland
“Cambridge Cows” – Cambridge, VT
“Carry Bay” – South Hero, VT
“Colchester Reflections” –Colchester, VT
“Eat Good Food” – Manchester, VT
“Red Mill Falls” – Jericho, VT
“Fall Barn #2” – Jeffersonville, VT
“Fall Barn #1” – Jeffersonville, VT
“Park Avenue” - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
“Allergies” – South Hero, VT
“Fall Pastures” – Jeffersonville, VT
“Jeffersonville Backroads #1, #2, and #3” – Jeffersonville, VT
“Key West Sunset”  - Key West, FL
“The Lonely Boat” – Grand Isle, VT
“Mildred’s” – Manchester, VT
“Mini Falls” – Jeffersonville, VT
“Kirkwall” – Kirkwall, Scotland
“Moonlit Day” – Colchester, VT
“Mt Rainier” – Mt Rainier State Park, WA
“The Bridge” - Mt Rainier State Park, WA
“Ring of Brodgar” – Stennes, Scotland
“Mt Saint Helen’s” - Mt Saint Helen’s State Park, WA
“Vermont Cheese” – Manchester, VT
“The Plans of St Helen’s” - Mt Saint Helen’s State Park, WA
“Brough of Birsay" – Birsay, Scotland
“Paddling the Lamoille” – Milton, VT
“God is Love” – St. George, Grenada
“St George Harbor” – St George, Grenada
“The Cairn” – Rochester, VT
“Brewster River” – Cambridge, VT
“Moss Glen Falls” – Granville, VT
“The Lighted Path” – Granville, VT
“The Vermont Country Store” – Manchester, VT
“Yesnaby Cliffs” – Stromness, Scotland
“Cows” – Franklin, VT
“Lake Memphremagog” – Newport, VT
”Fall In Vermont #1” – Franklin, VT
"Skyline Arch in Infrared" - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
“Brewster River #1” – Cambridge, VT
“Brewster River Gorge Trail” – Cambridge, VT
“Memphremagog” – Newport, VT
“Burlington Bay Light” – Burlington, VT
“Sandy Bottom #2” – Hampton, VA
"White Mountain Fall" - Lincoln, NH
"Sachuest In InfraRed" - Exeter, RI
“Sunset Over Galilee” – Galilee, RI
“Beavertail Light” – Jamestown, RI
“Ross Fountain” – Edinburgh, Scotland
“Angst” – Delray Beach, FL
“Downtown” – Edinburgh, Scotland
“Loxahatchee” – Boynton Beach, FL
“Kirkwall Harbour” - Kirkwall, Scotland
“Outskirts of Kirkwall” - Kirkwall, Scotland
“Landscape Arch” - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
“The Kelvingrove” – Glasgow, Scotland
"Mary Ann's Grave" - Exeter, RI
"Glen Ellis Falls in Winter" - Jackson, NH
"Mercury Transit" - Narragansett, RI
"The Kanc" - Lincoln, NH 

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