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Images of Vermont and Beyond

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“Gone Fishin’” – Colchester, VT 
"Barred Owl" - Colchester, VT
“Vulture!” – Boynton Beach, FL 
“Dogfight Over Cypress Beach” – Tampa. FL
“Solitary Heron” – Swanton, VT 
“Great Blue” - Tampa, FL 
“Bald Eagle” – Orlando, FL
“Great Blue #2” - Tampa, FL  
“Coming In Hot!” – Milton, VT 
“Brothers From Another Mother” – Tampa, FL 
“Moorhen” – Delray Beach, FL
“Portrait of a Great Blue” –Orlando, FL 
“The Argument” – Tampa, FL
“Iguana Love” – Delray Beach, FL
“How ‘bout a Snack?” – No Name Key, FL 
"Snowy Egret” – Orlando, FL
”Wood Duck” - Orlando, FL  
“Great Blue In Flight” – Swanton, VT 
“Chow Time” – Tampa, FL
“Picking a Fight” – Tampa, FL
"Pelican in Flight” - Tampa, FL 
“Anhinga!” – Delray Beach, FL
“Wood Stork In Flight” – Boynton, Beach, FL  
“Gator!” – Everglades National Park, FL 
“Here Lizard, Lizard!” – Boynton Beach, FL 
“Cormorant” – Delray Beach, FL
“Yellow Rumped Warbler” - Delray Beach, FL 
“Portrait of a Wood Stork” – Boynton Beach, FL 
“Red Shouldered Hawk” - Boynton Beach, FL
“Glossy Ibis in Flight” - Boynton Beach, FL
“Privacy Please!” – Everglades National Park, FL
 "Angry Robin" - Newport, RI
“Moorhen #2” - Delray Beach, FL 
“Coot” - Delray Beach, FL
“Northern Leopard Frog” – Swanton, VT 
“Key Deer” – Big Pine Key, FL 
“Portrait of an Iguana” – Delray Beach, FL
"Cormorant with a Fish" - Essex, NH 
"Snowy Owl" - Newport, RI 
"Sparrow In Flight" - Swanton, VT
"Water Landing" - Merrimack, NH

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