Vermont Nature Photography

My name is Matt Atwood and I am the photographer whose images you have been viewing (and hopefully enjoying). I live, work, and play in Vermont, a fantastic place for photography and where the majority of my inspiration comes from.  In all of my work, I strive to capture the essence of the place I am at… the sights, smells, sounds, and vibe of the location that I am shooting.  I sincerely hope I am successful.
As an avid motorcyclist, I get to see many parts of this beautiful state, and I wish to share those experiences as far and wide as possible.  I also have the privilege of traveling throughout the US, and occasionally to the Caribbean and even Europe, which allows me to get some great photo opportunities beyond Vermont as well.
Have a look around, and please let me know what you think by submitting feedback to me from the home page of the web site.  All of my images are available for purchase as matted or framed prints in various sizes. Please email me for more information. As my portfolio changes, I add additional content. You never know where you may find inspiration in images from Vermont and beyond.

If you enjoy the technical side of photography, read on... 
While I mostly shoot digital, I do enjoy shooting film as well and have made the investment in some fantastic film equipment (including a complete darkroom setup).  Primarily I shoot digital with a Nikon D610 or a Nikon D7100 and various Nikon, Sigma, or Tokina lenses. For 35mm film, I shoot with a Nikon F5 sharing the same lenses as my digital Nikons. I shoot either Ilford HP5+ or Kodak Tri-X 400 in 35mm. For medium format film, I shoot 120mm with a Pentax 645N and Pentax lenses; I also use Ilford HP5+ film for medium format.
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